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It is an absolute user friendly system, developed specifically for environmental engineers, who may not have much exposure to numerical concepts in data creation , calculation and analysis.

What is STMSOFT?

Hydrodyn-STMSOFT is an advanced computer program used to simulate ground-water flow and associated heat and solute transport in three dimensions. It can be used for analysis of problems such as those related to sub-surface waste injection, landfill leaching, saltwater intrusion, freshwater recharge and recovery, radioactive-waste disposal, hot-water geothermal systems, and subsurface-energy storage. The three governing equations of flow, solute and heat transport are coupled through the interstitial pore velocity, the dependence of the fluid density and fluid viscosity on pressure, temperature, and solute-mass fraction and solved them using stable finite difference techniques. The software is also having options to define source and sink to represent complex well flows.

Hydrodyn-STMSOFT includes many specialized features of graphics and menu driven pre/postprocessor facilities for setting up the input, running the calculation selecting and obtaining graphical output from the analysis. It allows fast, flexible creation and modification of computational models, while greatly reducing the possibility of errors in the input. It is available for UNIX workstations and windows environment.

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