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Enhanced search facilities to obtain information on Subject, Course, Staff, Student, Fees, Exam, Schedule, Results, Placement etc..


Development is the result of sound education and this sound education is provided by the Institutes. The output of institutes decide the outcome of the country. The growth of a country is largely accounted by 3Es – Education, Efficiency and Economy. The duty of the Institutes is to mould every individual with these 3Es thus adding value to the individual as well as the organisation for which they contribute in the future and in effect to the country. Hence Institutes play a vital role in the development of humanity in general.

But the functioning of institutes can be very complex given the volume of students in and out every year. Complexity leads to confusion, which stops smooth flow of information. In this age of Information Technology, information is like oxygen giving life to technology on which everything else is depended on. Every complex problem has solutions and this complexity of institutes can be solved by using appropriate tool – eInstitute.

eInstitute contains an internal interface for effective management of Institute and a Web interface for effective sharing of information. The internal interface takes care of details of subject, students, staff, placement, news, MIS etc while the Web interface allows students as well as parents to acquire information related to performance, attendance, News, Placement schedules / Results etc. In effect, the website for the institute will be very informative and interactive thanks to the concept of eInstitute.

The internal interface of the eInstitute has the following features with which the data can be maintained and uploaded in the web server so that the web interface can utilize the data and display the information that has been sought.

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