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It is an absolute user friendly system, developed specifically for environmental engineers, who may not have much exposure to numerical concepts in data creation, calculation and analysis.

Hydrodyn-TMPSOFT is an advanced computer program used to simulate the river flows with high order (precision) numerical schemes. It solves the conservation equations for mass, momentum and energy for flow. It uses a FEM grid to map the physical domain features to be modeled exactly and with generalized flow boundaries.



  • Uses a finite difference approach, which allows modeling in 2 dimensions as well as lumped parameter modeling. Any combination of lumped parameter and multidimensional noding is permitted within a single model
  • Solves equations for conservation of mass, momentum and energy for flow.
  • Solves for the density variation in open surface flows.
  • It uses FEM grid, so that the simulation can be done for any arbitrary shaped topography of flow domains.
  • It has its own Grid Generator, which is based on FEM methodology.
  • It can be used for modeling of lateral flows, which joins at any location in the computation domain.
  • The user can select the boundary conditions at any location and select the any type of boundary conditions i.e. study or transient.
  • A graphical interface i.e. pre-processor is integrated to the model to define the required model input through graphically.
  • Various objects, i.e. bathymetric depth contours, islands, walls (dykes) and coastlines are represented by different colors to identify the objects easily.
  • The observation points can be selected at any locations in the computational domain to monitor the output results and show the results graphically.
  • It displays help menu whenever user required.

Application Areas:

   Environmental Effects

  • Discharge of Pollutants and its dispersion
  • Environmental impact of effluents on BOD, DO and water quality
  • Tidal Circulation and Pollutant transport
  • Water treatment plant discharges
  • Industrial effluent discharges
Coastal Hydraulics

  • Coastal zone management and protection
  • Navigation channel and Management
  • Circulation and oil spill analysis
  • Offshore oil platform, Water level and circulation study
  • Tidal simulation study
  • Tidal Simulation and dispersion study
  • Thermal discharge analysis
Management of Aquatic Environment

  • Prediction of Salinity Concentration
River and Urban Hydraulics

  • Flood Forecasting and Planning
  • Water Quality
  • Modeling of Urban effluent Out fall
  • Sewage and urban effluent Dispersion
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