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About Hydrodyn-SURGSOFT

About Hydrodyn-SURGSOFT

It is an absolute user friendly system, developed specifically for environmental engineers, who may not have much exposure to numerical concepts in data creation , calculation and analysis.

Hydrodyn- SURGSOFT is a finite element hydrodynamic modeling software. It can calculate storm surge heights and associated inundation resulting from the impact on the coast due to historical, hypothetical or predicted hurricanes. Hydrodyn-SURGSOFT can also be used for prediction of water levels, currents in the seas and estuaries.

The model uses an unstructured triangular finite-element mesh to represent the domain. This approach is optimal for complex bathymetry and coastline boundaries as elements of varying size can be incorporated as needed.

SURGSOFT computes the storm surge by taking into account a storm's atmospheric pressure, size, forward speed, track, and winds. The calculations are applied to a specific locale's shoreline, incorporating the unique bay and river configurations, water depths, bridges, roads, levees, and other features.

The model accounts for astronomical tides which can add significantly to the water height by specifying a constant tide level to coincide with landfall.

The SURGSOFT model is computationally efficient, resulting in fast computer runs. It is able to resolve flow through barriers, gaps, and passes and models deep passes between bodies of water. It also resolves inland inundation and the overtopping of barrier systems, levees, and roads. It can even resolve coastal reflections of surges, such as coastally trapped Kelvin waves.

Software Gallery
  • Integrated Pre-processor, Grid Generation, Cyclonic Wind generator, Solver and Post-processor.
  • Option to run in multiprocessor mode for faster computation.
  • Calculation of tidal levels and water currents due to open ocean tidal forcing.
  • Calculation of storm surge and associated inundation due to impact of cyclonic winds along the coast.
Application Areas
  • Estimating storm surges on real time basis provides information for talking necessary precautionary measures to withstand the affects due to the storm surges.
  • The results from SURGSOFT model run can form a basis for the "hazard analysis" portion of coastal hurricane evacuation plans.
  • Protection and prevention strategies
  • Environmental audits
  • Evaluation of flow regime changes due to development of marine facilities.
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